I’ve been thinking a lot about the aging and disabled population that we have here in Denver and how much a lot of them are struggling at the moment as a result of this social isolation.

While this isolation is necessary to protect each other and our community, there are a lot of people who aren’t able to do things like go out to get groceries, pick up their mail, or make sure that they have the right kinds of supplies to weather this storm. On top of that, the people that would normally be able to sit with them to keep them company aren’t being allowed in right now, which makes loneliness a significant concern.

These are people who are both members of our club and members of the community at large...

I think we have an opportunity to really make a significant impact on this community, and keep our distance socially, if we organize for some of the following service opportunities. 

  • Grocery delivery
  • Calls, letters, etc to help fight the inevitable loneliness that I’m sure they’re going to be feeling
  • Picking up mail or packages to be sent out or retrieved
  • Making sure that urgent supplies are provided for
  • And, of course, a funding drive to pay for things that they may not be able to afford at the moment

Some people are going to be more comfortable with some of these things than others, and that’s ok. But if we have some people who are willing to pick up groceries from the store and drop them off on doorsteps, some people willing to make calls, etc.

We can do something pretty amazing for some pretty vulnerable populations in Denver - inside and out of our club.

Please fill out the survey below to let us know how you would like to serve during this time.

Thank you for your service,

Ian Campbell


What is your name?
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What is your phone number?

There are a lot of opportunities to serve our community during this time - both inside of our club and out. We understand that everyone's level of comfort may vary in how they would like to serve. 

Please select the service opportunities in which you would be interested and with which you would feel comfortable.

Check all that apply
Picking up and delivering groceries
Picking up mail and packages to be sent or delivered
Assisting in providing for urgent supplies (ex. donating a roll of toilet paper or paper towels)
Making calls and/or writing letters to people who may need to stay home without social interaction
Coordinating a fundraising drive to help pay for the needs that people may not currently be able to afford

Each one of the service areas mentioned above needs to be coordinated by a Team Leader - someone who can organize interested Rotarians to make sure that things are getting done.

Team Leaders would also be expected to connect on a short Zoom conversation (about 15-30 minutes) once per week with the other Team Leaders for status updates and discussion.

Would you be willing to step up to be a Team Leader?